Protein Name SCOP id Metal Residues pdb files sites Wiki EC Remark
Nickel Containing Superoxide Dismutase a.24.22.1 Ni HCC 1q0d 6 66 w
Urease c.1.9.2 Ni2 HHHHD 1a5n 30 30 w
Nickel Responsive Regulator d.58.18.4 Ni HHC 2bj8 7 22
Ni-Fe-Se Hydrogenase e.18.1.1 NiFe CCC 1wuj 24 38 w
Carbonmonoxide Dehydrogenase beta chain e.26.1.2 Fe4Ni HCCCC 1jqk 7 16 w
Carbonmonoxide Dehydrogenase alpha chain e.26.1.2 Fe4Ni HCCCC 1jqk 3 7 w
YFIT Metal Dependent Hydrolase a.213.1.1 Ni HHH 1rxq 1 4 Likely be Ni native, Possibly Zn
FMN Binding Protein b.45.1.2 Ni NHE 1eje 1 1 Possibly Ni native
Phospho Glucose Isomerase b.82.1.7 Ni HEH 1qxj 3 6 w Probablly Fe native
Glyoxalase d.32.1.1 Ni HEHE 1f9z 2 8 w active in E.coli, Human enzyme active with Zn
Astacin d.92.1.8 Ni HHHY 1iae 1 1 w Zn native
Transcription Regulator d.94.2.1 Ni HEHH 1j5y 1 1
Hypothetical Protein d.157.1.11 Ni2 HHHDHHDH 1ztc 1 4 likely Zn2 site
Peptide Deformilase d.167.1.1 Ni CHH 1bs6 15 29 w Fe native, active with Ni,Zn