Protein Name SCOP id Metal Residues pdb files sites Wiki EC Remark
Manganese superoxide dismutase a.2.11.1-d.44.1.1 Mn HHDH 1ap5 47 119 w
Manganese transport regulator a.4.5.24-a.76.1.1 Mn2 DE-HEEH 1on1 6 11
Bacterioferritin a.25.1.1 Mn2 EEHEH 1bcf 2 26 w Fe
Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase 1/.. a.25.1.2 Mn2 EEHEH 1jpr 9 26 w Fe
Manganese catalase a.25.1.3 Mn2 EEHEH 1o9i 3 18
Chloroperoxidase a.39.3.1 Mn EHS 1cpo 13 13 w Mn binds edge of HEM
Nuclease a.60.7.1-c.120.1.2 Mn2 D-E 1a76 1 1 w
Manganese peroxidase a.93.1.1 Mn EED 1mnp 2 2 w Mn binds edge of HEM
Bifunctional RELA/SPOT a.211.1.1 Mn HHD 1vj7 1 2 w
PDE4 Cyclic nucleoside phosphodiesterase a.211.1.2 MnZn HHD 1ro6 1 2 w
Lectin/Concanavalin b.29.1.1 MnCa EDFNDH 1ax0 155 449 w
Pyrophosphatase b.40.5.1 Mn4 DEDDD 117e 11 18 w
Fucose isomerase/Arabinose isomerase b.43.2.1 Mn EDH 1fui 2 8 w
Mannose 6-phosphate receptor b.64.1.1 Mn D 1c39 2 2 w
Germin/ Oxalate decarboxylase b.82.1.2 Mn HHEH 1uw8 8 13 w
Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase b.82.1.7 Mn HHEH 1x7n 1 1 w
Manganese-containing Cupin Hypothetical b.82.1.9 Mn HHEH 1vj2 1 2
3-Deoxy-7-Phosphoheptulonate Synthase c.1.10.4 Mn CHED 1n8f 12 47 w
Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase c.1.10.5 Mn DHH 1nvm 1 4 w bifunctional: 4-Hydroxy-2-ketovalerate aldolase
Sialic acid synthase NEUB c.1.10.6 Mn YHH 1xuu 2 2 w
3-Deoxy-7-phosphoheptulonate Synthase c.1.10.8 Mn CHHH 2b7o 1 2 w
Muconate lactonizing enzyme/Mandelate racemase c.1.11.2 Mn DED 1muc 8 13 w Mn/Mg
Pyruvate kinase c.1.12.1 MnK DTED 1a3w 10 45 w Mn/Mg
Xylose isomerase/Rhamnose isomerase c.1.15.3/2 Mn2/MnZn EHDDEDD 1a0d 27 44 w
Arginase c.42.1.1 Mn2 HDHDDD 1cev 44 153 w
RNA helicase/Restriction enzyme c.52.1.20/1/2/17/19 Mn DER 1j25 1 1 w Mn/Mg
Rnase c.55.3.1 Mn2 DEDD 1g15 5 9 w Mn/Mg
ASV integrase c.55.3.2 Mn2 DD 1a5v 2 2 w
TN5 transposase c.55.3.4 Mn2 DDE 1mm8 4 4 w
DNA polymerase III epsilone chain c.55.3.5 Mn2 DED 1j53 9 10 w
Argonaute c.55.3.10 Mn2 DDH 1z25 1 1 w
Malic enzyme c.58.1.3 MnNa TEDD-N 1do8 7 40 w Mn/Mg
Beta 1,4-Galactosyltransferase c.68.1.2 Mn DHH 1pzy 9 21 w
UDP-N-Acetylmuramate alanine ligase c.72.2.1 Mn DH 1p3d 1 2 w Mn/Mg
Phosphoglycerate mutase c.76.1.3 Mn2 DSDHDHH 1ejj 5 5 w
3-Isopropyl malate dehydrogenase c.77.1.1 Mn D-DD 1cnz 2 4 w Require divalent cation for activity. Highest activity with
Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase c.91.1.1-c.109.1.1 MnMg HDT-K 1aq2 10 13 w Require divalent cation for activity. Highest activity with
Mn transporter MNTC c.92.2.2 Mn HHED 1xvl 1 3
Pyrophosphatase/Exonuclease RECJ c.107.1.1/2 Mn2 HDDDHD 1k20 5 12 w Mn probablly native, Mg, Co active, Ca, Zn inactive
Creatinine amidohydrolase c.125.1.1 MnZn EHDHE 1j2t 2 12 w
HNH Homing endonuclease d.4.1.3 Mn DN 1u3e 1 1 w Mg/Mn
Imidazoleglycerol phosphate dehydratase d.14.1.9 Mn2 HHHE-HHHE 2f1d 1 16 w Two sites from different chains located close.
Fosfomysin resistance protein d.32.1.2 Mn HHE 1lqo 6 12 w
Homoprotocatechuate 2,3-dioxygenase d.32.1.3 Mn HHE 1f1r 3 6 w There are Mn-type and Fe-type
Adenyl cyclase d.58.29.1 MnMg DDI 1cjk 5 5 w Mg/Mn
Triphosphatase d.63.1.1 Mn EEE 1d8h 1 3 w Mg/Mn
MECDP synthase d.79.5.1 MnZn DHH-E 1gx1 1 3 w Mg/Mn
1-Deoxy-d-xylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomerase d.81.1.3 Mn DEE 1ono 2 4 w Require divalent cation, Mn/Co/Mg. Highest activity with Mn.
Aspartyl-tRNA synthase d.104.1.1 Mn3 ES 1b8a 1 2 w Mg/Mn
ADP-ribose pyrophosphatase d.113.1.1 Mn AEEE 1mqw 2 2 w Mn/Mg
U8 snora binding protein d.113.1.1 Mn GEEE 2a8p 5 10 3.6.1.- Mn/Mg
3,4-Dihydroxy-2-butanone-4phosphate synthase d.115.1.2 Mn EH 1k4l 2 2 5.4.99.- Mg/Mn
Histidine kinase CheA d.122.1.3 Mn N 1i5a 2 4 w Mg/Mn Activity of Mn is weak.
Aminopeptidase P d.127.1.1 Mn2 DDHEE 1a16 30 42 w Mn dependent. Some other papers say native metal uncertain.
Glutamine synthetase d.128.1.1 Mn2 EEEEE 1lgr 8 98 w Mg/Mn Metal binding might be regulatory.
Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase Site1 d.142.1.2 MnK QEMN 1a9x 10 41 w Mg/Mn Likely Mg, Q/E for Mn binding
Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase Site2 d.142.1.2 Mn QE 1a9x 10 38 w
Inositol triphosphate kinase d.143.1.3 Mn D 1w2c 2 4 w Mg/Mn
Endonuclease d.151.1.1 Mn E 1de9 1 2 w Mg/Mn
Purpleacid phosphatase d.159.1.1 MnFe DDYNHHH 1xzw 1 2 w
5'-nucleotidase d.159.1.2 Mn2 DHDNHHQ 1ho5 3 8 w
Protein serine/threonine phosphatase d.159.1.3 Mn2 DHDNHH 1fjm 16 28 w
MRE11 nuclease d.159.1.4 Mn2 DHDNHHH 1ii7 2 4 w
Putative phosphodiesterase d.159.1.7 Mn2 HDNHHHH 1s3n 2 4
Maltose 6-phosphate glucosidase d.162.1.2 Mn CH 1u8x 2 4 w Require divalent cation, especially Mn.
Fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase d.177.1.1 MnNa DEEDWKGT 2hzy 1 2 w Mn required
DNA polymerase beta d.218.1.2 Mn D 1nom 19 19 w
Poly alanine polymerase (PAP) d.218.1.3 Mn2 DDD 1f5a 3 4 w Mn active
tRNANucleotidylTransferase d.218.1.7 MnMg EDHD 1r8b 4 4 w Same superfamily as 49. site-homology is not clear.
Serine/Threonine phosphatase d.219.1.1 Mn2 GDDD 1a6q 2 3 w
Bifunctional DNA primase/polyerase d.264.1.2 Mn D 1ro2 2 2 w Mg/Mn
RNA binding regulatory protein d.275.1.1 Mn HHH 1wrn 1 3 w Mn,Zn,Cd active -- Mg,Co,Ni less active
DNA polymerase e.8.1.1 MnMg DYD 1lv5 3 6 w Mg/Mn, For RNA polymerase Mn can be inhibitor
RNA polymerase e.8.1.4 Mn2 TDD 1khw 12 14 w Same superfamily as 54, site-homology is not clear.
RNA polymerase II e.29.1.2 Mn2 DDD 1twa 8 8 w Mg/Mn
Photosystem II i.5.1.1 Mn4Ca DA 1izl 2 3 w Oxygen Evolution Center